Thank You

To the Fresh Fire family . Let me say thank you for your continual giving in tithes and offerings to this Kingdom Ministry, over the years we have been endeavoring to bless the world through the ministry and you have helped us greatly. However we are finding ourselves falling away in the finances department to such a degree that we are just barely making the rent ,let alone salaries, so this is an appeal to  you all; because I have seen what we can do collectively as a team and I remember as a ministry we were able to help outside of ourselves, and my desire is that we get back to that and more because we are a Kingdom Ministry representing Christ our King in this world. Please know that we are are tithing and giving as Fresh Fire to ministries like ourselves so we can pass on the spirit of Obedience found in the word of God ,and also be able through these ministries go where we can’t at this time such as world wide missions, prisons etc. So again know that we are very thankful for all you do and will do in the near future in this regard. We love you and appreciate you being a part of this great Kingdom Ministry called FRESH FIRE WORD OF LIFE MINISTRIES, a ministry that’s making a difference because of your partnering with us and praying for us . Yours in his service Pastor Willie Wilson sr, and Elder Lady Loretta Wilson.